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The website www.antalou.com/gr for sale and display of handmade items through the Internet of the Greek company (sole proprietorship) owned by TSIOUTAS IOANNIS, VAT No: EL 075380115 located at 62 AG. PARASKEVIS 113, 135 62 AG. ANARGYROI, tel +30 6972181313 and email: [email protected]
Any use of the website www.antalou.com/gr and any transaction made through it, presupposes the prior consent of the user as to the following terms.
The present terms and conditions of Use and Sale govern the contractual relations between the Company and the individual natural person who wishes to make use of the Website and to purchase the products available through it.
In order to be able to access the Website, the visitor is invited to carefully read these Terms of Use as upon entering it is presumed that he has been informed and accepts these terms.
Before using the website, the company recommends and urges all visitors
and customers to read carefully these terms of sale in particular with regard to the right of withdrawal and the pricing and payment policy as well as to visit at regular intervals the present for the examination of any modifications of these terms.
If you do not agree with any of the Terms of Use and the policies, reports, commitments and obligations described in these Terms of Use,
please do not use the website.
Every Customer who buys products from the Website is considered to have fully and unconditionally accepted the Terms of Use, as possible modifications are valid on the day of order. These “General Terms of Use” may be modified ex officio and without notice.

The use of the website www.antalou.com is addressed only to adults (18 years and older), who have the right and legal capacity, who are obliged to provide us with correct and accurate personal information, such as email, the address to which the order, name and more will be delivered.
You also acknowledge that we reserve the right to contact you in the details you have provided to us during your order, only with respect to the fulfillment of your order. In addition, in case we deem it necessary, we are authorized to carry out credit checks.

Www.antalou.com ensures (according to the current legislation) the confidentiality of personal data, which includes, among other things, that all personal data of our registered and non-registered customers will not be disclosed to third parties, misused or misused. granted.

All content on the Website, photos, texts, logos, etc. are added by Greek law to the relevant provisions “On Intellectual Property”.
They may only be used by third parties in cases where it has been jointly agreed upon.

All the items we supply in our online store are 100% authentic. In general, at www.antalou.com we make a great effort with the photographic material and the further information to give the best possible image of each product.
However, the images are only a representation of the product and there may be some differences in some cases from the actual one. Therefore, www.antalou.com cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, ambiguities or omissions.
In addition, as far as accessories and toys are concerned, in all cases the age groups responsible for their use are listed, so www.antalou.com bears no responsibility in the event that the product causes damage due to improper use. It is worth mentioning that in most game categories the detailed instructions for use in Greek are included in the package.

The items on this website are available for the entire region of Greece and abroad. We are at your disposal to contact us for any clarifications regarding the cost or the estimated delivery time.

Each user browses the Company’s website in order to search for the products that interest him and their characteristics. In order to select the products and their quantities, it makes the necessary entries in the respective fields. Each user can purchase more than one product with each transaction he makes. In order to finalize the order, the user must confirm in any case that he has read and agrees to these terms. The order is considered complete only if the user receives information

Handmade from the sketch to the last stitch!