Funny and playful, he follows you wherever you go with his clumsy walk! Wherever it finds water, it splashes around, soaking wet like a duck, it likes to turn around… so if you lose it, don’t worry, you will definitely find it in the bathtub!

size: 29x33cm

materials: cotton corduroy fabric, wool felt, button, hypoallergenic filling

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Each Antalou soft toy is unique, that’s why it comes with an “adoption certificate”, with everything you need to know about it!!!

The whole process of their creation from the sketch on the paper to the last stitch is done with a lot of love and attention to every single detail.
No two creatures are the same because they are handmade, so they have some small differences, which make them even more special!

Put it on the sofa or in the children’s room and colour your everyday life or give it as a gift to those you love!

Take care of it and it will stay with you forever! Use a lint roller whenever needed or clean spot with a damp cloth. You can also wash it by hand or in the washing machine in a program for delicates, with a mild detergent, do not wring.

For babies, the buttons can be replaced with felt. (Please note “no button” in comments when ordering.)

Soft as a pillow, perfect for hugs and play!

Handmade from the sketch to the last stitch!